How to find the right body-sculpting device for your center

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Everyone is looking for an advantage in life. Genetically, most of us aren’t born with a body fat percentage of less that 10, so the right body-sculpting device can be a significant boost for your spa business. But some devices cost so much that you must charge extremely high prices to your customers in order to gain a decent return. Unless your business is located in an extremely high-income zip code like Beverly Hills it doesn’t make sense to offer a cost-prohibitive body sculpting service.


The solution is here

For the last three years, the team at Cryo Generation has been searching for a lower-cost solution that is just as effective in reducing the appearance of fat in typical “problem areas” like the tummy or back of the thighs. We found a small but brilliant company in Milan called Pagani that has revolutionized the fat reduction process in a small device called the Cryo T-Shock.


At first we thought that a less expensive device that could outperform its competition was too could to be true. So we went to Milan to meet with the designers and, having a strong grasp of the power of cryotherapy, finally grasped that fat cells are especially susceptible to cold therapy. The T-Shock uses the principle of first applying heat to the target area and then a very rapid cooling of the tissue enacts a thermal shock, which destroys the fat cells.

Why it works

From a client perspective, the offering is convenient because it takes less time per session and there’s no down time. The cost is significantly lower and the results are clearly evident after 5 or more sessions. Your customer will be thirsting for more sessions after experiencing the first round of success.


From an operator’s perspective, the T-Shock is great because it doesn’t use any gas such as nitrogen and does not have any additional operating costs. The device is small and emits no noise of vibration. It’s very versatile and can be used for beauty, athletic recovery and pain relief.

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