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There is always a risk that comes with surgery and going under-the-knife. Most of us would rather not subject ourselves to unnecessary health risks when it comes to our appearance. On the other hand, how we look, and how we feel about ourselves, can drastically affect our daily lives. There’s no getting around the fact that people are judged on their appearance.


But even a health lifestyle cannot necessarily help us shape certain parts of our body that give us “issues.” Most of us cannot counteract our genetics. This is where non-surgical body contouring or shaping can help us feel great about the body we’ve been given. With targeted treatments, a talented technician wielding a proven machine, such as the Cryo T-Shock, can deliver visible reduction of fat in specific areas of the body. A little bit of change can go a long way.

No matter what others may think about your appearance, what matters most is how you feel about your own appearance. With exercise and nutrition, today we have more knowledge that empowers us to take control. Advances in understanding the science of non-surgical body contouring have also been incredible in recent years, and there are more relatively affordable options these days. The T-Shock, for example, sets up the body to eliminate fat cells through natural means. The combination of hot and cold treatments provokes a reaction from the body that safely targets only the fat cells and not the surrounding tissue.


‘The holy grail for body-sculpting technology is non-invasive technologies or a type of liposuction that simultaneously removes fat, lessens the need for lengthy scars of skin excision associated with surgical intervention,’ said prominent New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Alan Matarasso in an article in Prime Journal.

We are now close to reaching that goal!


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