The importance of after-sales support with cryotherapy equipment

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Equipping your center with the most suitable devices takes some planning and knowledge. For instance, will your customers embrace a cryotherapy chamber that covers them from head-to-toe? Or is a more traditional chamber a better fit? Will you need a portable machine?


These types of questions are vital to the success of your business. Balancing operating costs against profit margins is crucial and your equipment choice needs to make sense for your client profile.

Here are my top 5 reasons to make sure you get top-notch after-sale support.

1. Getting the most out of your investment: If you don’t know how to fine tune your settings for different client preferences, they may not return. Know how to maximize performance from each of your spa devices. At Cryo Generation we will ensure you are conserving energy and running your machinery at the highest efficiency levels.


2. Proper Training: I once observed a spa attendee doing a cryo facial completely wrong. Fortunately I was able to correct their technique, but the key is to develop good technique from day 1. Make sure your staff is able to explain processes correctly and in a way that instills confidence with your client. Cryo Generation takes the proper time to train your staff.

3. Sometimes things do go wrong: No matter how exacting the manufacturing standards are on high-end cryotherapy equipment, sometimes there can be a breakdown of a component. Our staff members are seasoned pros who can walk you through issues or get a replacement part quickly.


4. Relations with the manufacturer: Because our team has deep relations with our suppliers, we are able to broker the best deals for you. Warranty issues are handled quickly. We can handle any issues you may have.

5. Marketing support: Our team members have supported the top cryotherapy centers in the nation on branding and marketing. Do you need email marketing help? Do you have a public relations plan? Do you have educational materials for your customers? Cryo Generation can create custom solutions for you business.


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